Everyone needs to be sure that they are going to the dentist regularly. This means their typical cleanings as well as whenever they have encountered a problem with their teet

Dental care for the elderly

Dental care for the elderly


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January 27,2021

Everyone needs to be sure that they are going to the dentist regularly. This means their typical cleanings as well as whenever they have encountered a problem with their teeth or mouth. This type of preventative and proactive care can ensure that your dental health is always where it should be and will prevent you from having further issues in the future. 

While proper dental care is important to those of all ages, the elderly are one group that has extra importance. Older adults are more at risk for oral cancer, which is why it is imperative they go to the dentist regularly to help detect these types of problems very early on, which can usually make treatment easier and less invasive. As you age, your nerves shrink and become less sensitive, which means that many elderly adults will not be alerted that something is wrong until it is too late. 

Older adults who do not practice good oral hygiene, and especially those who smoke, are also more susceptible to bacterial pneumonia. Helping elderly folks who cannot do their own dental care and making sure they are going to regular cleanings is the best way to help them prevent pneumonia, which could end up fatal for some. 

Did you know that two in three seniors aged 65 and older have gum disease? When it goes untreated and gets worse it can lead to sore, bleeding gums, chewing problems, tooth loss and other health issues. Many seniors don’t even know that they suffer from gum disease, so regular cleanings and checkups are the best way to prevent and treat it. 

How to make it easier

The elderly sometimes have trouble visiting the dentist or getting their teeth cleaned. A big factor when it comes to this is that many elderly people do not drive anymore. If this is the case or if they live in an assisted living that doesn’t have a driving service, they may not have a way to their dental appointment. This can be a huge reason that they miss out on cleanings and it leads to larger problems. 

Another reason that the elderly may not get dental cleanings is because they are nervous about the pain. If they haven’t been to the dentist in a while, they may be worried that work will need to be done and it will be painful. Those who suffer from memory diseases like Alzheimer’s may also struggle with getting their regular cleanings. 

In these situations, one of the best ways to treat these patients is with minimal sedation dental care. This can ease the patient’s fear and help them be more comfortable in the dentist’s chair, which will ultimately lead to more cleanings and better oral hygiene. 

Minimal sedation dental care is completely safe for the elderly and it was even found that less medication was needed in order to get them to reach the same level of sedation. It appears that there are no serious complications seen with this type of sedation for elderly patients. 

If you are a dentist who treats elderly patients and would like to help them be more comfortable by using minimal sedation dental care, contact Midwest Sedation Consultants today! We can help answer any questions you may have and get you certified to provide minimal sedation!