Here are four reasons why dentists should get their minimal sedation recertification! 

Four reasons to get your minimal sedation recertification

Four reasons to get your minimal sedation recertification


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March 17,2021

Dental sedation, like minimal sedation, has been helping both dentists and patients through dental appointments. To administer this kind of dental sedation, dentists need to renew their certification regularly.  

Our dental sedation courses online team wants to share with you why you should continue to get your minimal sedation recertification. 

What is minimal sedation? 

Minimal sedation, also commonly referred to as anxiolysis, is an oral sedative that helps a patient feel less anxious. This type of dental sedation does not cause sleep but does dull the senses.

How to get your minimal sedation recertification 

To administer minimal sedation, dentists need to get a certification that is approved by the Boards of Dentistry. How often this certification should be renewed depends on the state. Minimal sedation recertification can be completed through dental sedation courses online organizations such as Midwest Sedation Consultants. 

Why dentists should get their minimal sedation recertification


Helps retain dental patients

One of the reasons why dental patients do not get regular checkups or follow for dental treatments is fear. Reports show that 35 million people do not visit dentist offices because they are too afraid. This fear prevents them from making regular checkups or getting necessary treatments. 

Dentists can ensure patients make yearly visits or follow up on their treatments by talking to them about minimal sedation. This type of dental sedation can help patients feel more relaxed through their dental visits. Once they know they have this option, they oftentimes feel more comfortable returning for future visits. 


Better serve patients with special needs and older adults

Regular dental visits are important for all ages. However, many older adults neglect their dental health. The American Dental Association states that one-fifth of people over the age of 75 have not visited a dentist in the past five years. 

Many times older adults do not visit the dentist because of their fear and anxiety of dentists. Minimal sedation is one option to make it easier for seniors to get dental treatment. This type of dental sedation will ease any nerves seniors have before their treatment


Get multiple procedures done at once

There are times when dental patients need to get multiple procedures done to ensure their mouth stays healthy. Some patients might opt out of getting the necessary treatments because of fear, money and lack of time. 

For patients who need multiple treatments, you can always recommend minimal sedation to get them through it. This kind of dental treatment can help them feel comfortable through long procedures. This can help decrease the visits and cost for patients. 


Finish dental procedures faster

Time is valuable for both the patient and dentists. There are times when patients can prolong a dental procedure due to fear and anxiety. Minimal sedation can help dental procedures take less time. 

This type of dental sedation can help nervous patients relax before the treatment starts. This helps patients move less and make it easier for dentists to get the necessary work done faster. 

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