This is why candy is bad for teeth. 

How bad is candy bad for teeth

How bad is candy bad for teeth


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October 20,2021

Most people were taught that eating too much candy is bad for teeth when growing up. However, not everyone believes in this idea. Candy contains heavy amounts of sugar that are detrimental to the health of teeth. 

With Halloween around the corner, it is essential to remind dental patients why candy is terrible for their teeth. Our sedation dentistry Austin team has rounded up some valuable information to share with patients about candy. 

Why is candy bad for your teeth?

The candy itself does not cause damage to the teeth but the bacteria in your mouth. The mouth is full of bacteria that protect your mouth from infections. The problem is when you eat candy, the bacteria consume the sugar and produce acid

This acid breaks down the enamel in the teeth, creating tiny holes. With time those holes can grow in size and end up making cavities. A cavity is a permanent hole caused by tooth decay. This dental problem causes tooth sensitivity and eventually causes tooth loss. A dental filling is then necessary to fix this problem. 

What kinds of candy are bad for your teeth

Sticky candies

As their name indicates, sticky candies are sticky. This candy causes sugar to stick on the teeth. Which makes it tougher to remove the sugar from the teeth. 


Hard candies

A type of candy that stays in your mouth for a long time is hard candy. These treats take a long time to dissolve, so your teeth are exposed to sugar longer. 


Sour candies

Lip puckering kind of candy is also bad for teeth. Sour candies are sugary and acidic, which can cause tooth enamel to break down faster. 

How to reduce the damage of candy on teeth

Eat teeth-friendly candies

Not all candy is bad for teeth. Several options on the market are safe for teeth. Some safe candy options are dark chocolate, sugar-free candy and candy bars with nuts. Dark chocolate is safe for teeth because it can help harden the enamel. 

Of course, sugar-free candy is a good option because it does not contain large amounts of sugar that bacteria can feed on. And candy bars with nuts reduce the risk of sugar sticking on your teeth. 


Rinse after eating candy

Depending on what kind of candy your patients eat, it can determine how long sugar will stay in their mouth. One of the best ways to reduce the damage caused by sugar is by rinsing the mouth. This process helps remove sugar without causing sugar to go deeper into the teeth. 


Seeing a dentist 

Not all people love to see the dentist. Some people experience dental anxiety that causes them to delay regular dental visits and put their dental health at risk. If your dental patients love candy, tell them to see you regularly to make sure no cavities form.

Talk to them about level 1 sedation that can help them combat their dental anxiety. Remember that to offer this kind of sedation, you need a sedation dentistry Austin educator to certify you. 


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