This why you should take our oral sedation recerfication courses. 

Reasons to join our oral sedation recertification courses

Reasons to join our oral sedation recertification courses


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April 21,2021

Is it that time again to get your oral sedation recertification? Then, you need to start your search for an oral sedation recertification educator. 

Make your search short and easy by choosing Midwest Sedation Consultants. We provide oral sedation recertification courses that meet the requirements of eight states.

Why should you choose Midwest Sedation Consultants over other educators? Our oral sedation recertification team wants to share some reasons to choose us.

What is oral sedation? 

Oral sedation, also known as minimal sedation or anxiolysis, is an oral sedative that relaxes a patient. This kind of sedation does not impair ventilation on cardiovascular functions. It does, however, impair cognitive function and coordination. 

Dentists normally use oral sedation to relax patients with dental anxiety. It helps them feel more comfortable during regular cleanings or dental treatments like crowns or fillings. Some other reasons dentists use oral sedation to serve older adults better or do multiple dental procedures at once.

How do you get an oral sedation certification? 

The American Dental Association states that for dentists to administer oral sedation, they are required to demonstrate they have completed approved training and maintained current certification. These courses help them stay up-to-date with the latest and safest ways to administer oral sedation. This course must be completed by an approved organization - like Midwest Sedation Consultants.

Reasons to take our oral sedation recertification courses


Approved by individual Boards of Dentistry 

One thing that dentists want to look for in an oral sedation course is that it is approved by the state's Boards of Dentistry. At Midwest Sedation Consultants, our sedation coursework is approved by an individual's state Boards of Dentistry to fulfill the minimal sedation education in adult patients (13 years or older).  


Taught by experts 

Another benefit of taking your minimal conscious sedation course with us is that you’ll be taught by experts - Dr. John Peterson and Dr. Travis Teetor. 

Dr. John Peterson, M.D., graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 2002. He is the Chairman of the Anesthesia department at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Not to mention, he has extensive experience in sedation for adult dental patients. 

Dr. Travis Teetor, M.D., FASA, also graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine. Currently, he is the President of the Nebraska Society of Anesthesiologists and practices at Boys Town Research Hospital. He also has extensive experience in sedation for adult dental patients. 


Available online 

When taking an oral sedation course, you need to set time aside to take the classes and study. It can be challenging to make time when you work full-time. One solution is choosing an online course. 

At Midwest Sedation Consultants, our oral sedation recertification courses are available online. The coursework consists of general sedation, knowledge on identifying abnormal responses to minimal sedation, education on appropriate physiological monitoring equipment and more. 

Choose the best oral sedation recertification course!

At Midwest Sedation Consultants, we are helping dentists and dental professionals complete their minimal conscious sedation recertification education. You can enroll in one of our courses online. Enroll here!