Dental health is very important to overall health, which is why you want patients to keep coming back for their checkups, but what about patients who suffer from a lot of dental anxiety?

The benefits of minimal sedation for dentists

The benefits of minimal sedation for dentists


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January 06,2021

As a dentist, you are likely trying to make your practice as comfortable for your patients as possible. Many dental professionals will provide comforting music, TV, chairs and other things to ensure that their patients are stress free and can work through the appointment with ease. This is all important to ensure that your patients will continue coming back to keep up with their dental hygiene. 

Dental health is very important to overall health, which is why you want patients to keep coming back for their checkups, but what about patients who suffer from a lot of dental anxiety? There are some things you can do for these patients to ensure that they are comfortable. Of course, you can have the music, comfortable chairs and TV to take their mind off of things, but what if their case is a bit more severe?

Many dentists will choose to get certified in sedation dental care because it allows them to put their patients at ease, which makes the process easier on the patient and on the dentist. There are a couple of benefits for dentists who have been certified that may encourage you to do the same.

Increase in patient satisfaction

This is almost a no brainer, but being able to efficiently calm your patient’s fears will definitely increase your patient satisfaction. This can have a huge impact on your business because happy patients will likely leave good reviews for you and your practice. Did you know that 92 percent of patients read online reviews? This means that a good experience is super important because it can lead to a good recommendation. 

Patients are also more likely to recommend you to a friend if they have a good experience there. By getting certified for sedation dental care, you are going above and beyond for your patients and providing a service that other providers may not have. 

Will pay for itself

It is worth mentioning that if you can provide additional services to your patients, this will also provide you with monetary benefits. The cost of sedation dental care can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand depending on the type of sedation used. This means that the price that you pay for your certification courses will likely be paid off fairly quickly. Providing this extra service can also help you to increase your monthly income, which can benefit the practice by allowing more training or more features for your patients. 

Saves time and money

Being able to provide sedation dental care will ultimately save time for you and money for your patient. If you are dealing with someone who suffers with extreme dental fear, it will take much longer to finish out an appointment or a very routine procedure. You will likely need to stop and start a few times in order to make sure that they are comfortable. By being able to provide them with sedation, you are saving yourself time in the long run. 

This service will also end up saving your patients money, too. Those with dental fear often avoid going to the dentist for routine check ups, which means that they are more susceptible to things like gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss and other illnesses. These will cause the patient to have to have additional procedures, which will end up costing more money and more stress. 

If you are looking to get certified for sedation dentistry, contact us today! We can answer any of your questions and get you signed up for your courses in order to help you and your patients.