This how dentists can get patients back into their office post-pandemic. 

Three ways to get dental patients back in the office post-pandemic

Three ways to get dental patients back in the office post-pandemic


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June 16,2021

The pandemic put a pause on everyone’s lives. Trips, events and dental appointments were put on hold. Now that the restrictions are lifted, it is time for dentist offices to start planning their post-pandemic plan to get people back in the office. 

You want to get your regular patients back into the office while also retaining your new ones. Our dental sedation certification team wants to share with you the importance of getting patients back into the office and three strategies to use. 

How the pandemic impacted people's oral health

The pandemic affected people's access to dental care services. Some dentist offices closed their doors temporarily, and some people lost jobs that gave them access to dental care. This left some people delaying their regular dentist visits. 

Delta Dental Plans Association's report titled The 2020 State of America's Oral Health found that the top reasons people did not visit a dentist in 2020 were due to:

  • Lack of dental insurance

  • Not comfortable visiting with the pandemic 

  • Couldn’t afford out-of-pocket costs

  • Dental anxiety 

Aside from limiting people's access to dental care, the pandemic also caused an increase in stress-related dental problems. A poll conducted by the American Dental Association found that dentists reported seeing a 59.4 percent increase of bruxism and a 53.4 percent increase of cracked teeth cases in dental patients. 

Why is it important for dental patients to see dentists regularly?

Not visiting a dentist affects people's oral and physical health. It increases people's chances of developing gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. If people have untreated oral problems, they can also increase their chances of developing heart disease and other illnesses. 

A recent study found a correlation between poor oral hygiene and severe COVID-19 infections. It reports that people with poor oral hygiene had an increased risk of severe COVD-19 infection. Seeing a dentist regularly helps spot and treat oral problems. 

Three ways to get dental patients back in the office post-pandemic 

Inform them about your updated safety procedures 

One way to get nervous patients back into the office is by informing them about your updated safety procedures. Let them know the steps your office is taking to diminish the risk of COVID-19 and other diseases. You can keep them informed through text messages, emails and social media posts. 


Share information about dental discount plans 

Due to the pandemic, some people have lost jobs that gave them access to dental insurance. If your dental patients can no longer afford the cost of dental care, talk to them about dental discount plans, also known as dental saving plans. These plans require patients to pay a one-time yearly fee, and in return, they receive a discount card. This gives them access to discounted services with certain dentists. 


Offer minimal sedation 

If your dental patients are nervous or scared about making an appointment, talk to them about minimal sedation. This kind of sedation helps them feel relaxed through any dental procedure without putting them to sleep. If you need dental sedation certification renewed, find an online course provider, like Midwest Sedation Consultants. 

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