Here are some strategies to use to get college students to visit your dental office. 

Ways to get college students to visit your dentist office

Ways to get college students to visit your dentist office


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August 18,2021

College not only prepares students for their careers but also teaches them about living independently. They have to learn how to manage their time more wisely and take care of their personal health. That means they have to learn how to make their own dentist appointments. 

However, for some students, dental appointments are pushed aside due to their busy academic schedules. They fail to realize that not seeing a dentist could put their oral health at risk and lead to other health issues. 

That is why dental professionals need to encourage college students to make regular visits. Our level 1 sedation Texas team has gathered some strategies to use to get college students to visit your dental office.

What kind of dental problems do college students face? 

College students are bombarded with lots of changes. From new school, friends and maybe a new city, they have a lot of changes they need to adjust to. Many of those changes are also impacting their oral health. Here are some common oral health problems that college students may face.



One of the changes that college students go through is with their diet. They are more likely to consume more sugary drinks and food, like coffee or energy drinks, to help them stay alert. Without regular brushing or dental cleanings, they can end up with cavities. 


Gum disease

College students face a lot of stress. From trying to meet deadlines to studying for exams, they can build up lots of stress that can impact their oral health. When your body is facing lots of stress, it may weaken the body’s natural defenses. As a result, harmful bacteria can make their way into the gums and cause gum disease. 


Teeth grinding

Speaking of stress, college students may also develop teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. This condition is triggered by anxiety and stress. If left untreated, it can damage the teeth by wearing them down and the enamel that can result in tooth sensitivity

Ways to get college students to visit your dentist office


Talk to them about discount plans

For some college students, going to the dentist is out of reach due to its cost. Many times college students cannot afford to pay for dentist visits or dental treatments. Talk to them about dental discount plans that can help them pay for regular dental care.  


Offering level 1 sedation 

Going to a brand new dentist in a new city can be intimidating for some college students, especially if they already have dental anxiety. One way to help anxious patients is by offering level 1 sedation. This kind of dental sedation causes a patient to go into a minimally depressed level of consciousness. It is produced by a prescribed medication called anxiolytic.

In order for dental professionals to offer level 1 sedation, they need to take a level 1 sedation Texas course. Not only will getting this certification help your patient, but it will also help you finish procedures faster. 

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