Learn what level 1 sedation is and how it can benefit your practice. 

What is level 1 sedation in dentistry?

What is level 1 sedation in dentistry?


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May 19,2021

Everyone deserves dental care. However, getting access to dental care is not always easy. Many factors prevent people from visiting dentists - for example, cost, lack of insurance and anxiety

As dentists, you can help patients worry about one less thing by offering level 1 sedation. You are probably wondering, what is level 1 sedation? To help get more familiar with this kind of sedation and how it can benefit your patients, read this helpful guide. 

What is level 1 sedation?

Level 1 sedation is also known as minimal sedation or conscious sedation. According to the American Dental Association, this sedation is a minimally depressed level of consciousness produced by prescribed medication. Patients who are under this kind of sedation are still able to retain their ability to independently and consciously maintain an airway and respond normally. 

How does level 1 sedation work

Reassure your dental patients that level 1 sedation is not a scary process. This kind of sedation is taken in the form of a medication called anxiolytic. This medication is an anti-anxiety drug that helps to lessen the symptoms of severe anxiety disorders. 

A dentist will prescribe this medication and should be taken one hour prior to the dental appointment or the night before the appointment. The medication takes longer to take effect  than other forms of sedation - like IV sedation or nitrous oxide sedation.

What do you need to administer level 1 sedation?

In order for dentists to administer level 1 sedation to patients, they need to demonstrate that they have completed approved training and maintained current certification. These courses allow dentists to get their level 1 recertification, stay updated on the latest and safest practices for level 1 sedation. You want to find a course that is approved by the individual State Boards of Dentistry. 

The advantages of using level 1 sedation in your dental practice

Helps retain dental patients

About 75 percent of adults experience some form of dental anxiety or fear. This fear many times stops people from making appointments to see a dentist. It is estimated that one-third of Americans avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety. 

Avoiding seeing the dentist may cause people to develop tooth decay, stains, gum disease and health problems - diabetes, oral cancer or heart disease. You can help anxious dental patients make regular visits and keep up with dental treatments by offering level 1 sedation in your office. 

Be more inclusive 

For seniors and people with disabilities, it can be difficult to receive the necessary dental care. These two groups of people are more likely to suffer from dental problems because of their mobility issues. This could lead them to develop dental problems if they go untreated. 

Dentists can offer guidance and treatment options, but getting seniors and disabled people to relax at the dentist’s office can be challenging. That is why offering the option of level 1 sedation may help make dental care more inclusive and comfortable for older adults and people with disabilities. 

Get your level 1 sedation recertification with us!

Now that you know what is level 1 sedation, it is time to register. At Midwest Sedation Consultants, we offer a level 1 sedation recertification course online. These courses are approved by the individual State Boards of Dentistry. Register for a course today!