This is what you should share with your patients about dental sedation. 

What patients need to know about dental sedation

What patients need to know about dental sedation


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March 10,2021

Fear of going to the dentist is more common than people think. One of the many reasons why people do not go to the dentist is because of fear. They are afraid of dentists looking through their mouths with sharp objects or feeling pain.

Many of these patients do not know that they can combat their fear with the help of dental sedation. Our sedation dentistry Omaha NE professionals want to share some information on how to talk about dental sedation with patients. 

What is dental sedation? 

Dental sedation is a medication that helps dental patients through a procedure. What a patient experiences under dental sedation depends on the kind of sedation. Some types of sedation will keep you conscious, while others will make you unaware of your surroundings. 

Types of dental sedation 

Your patients should understand that there are different forms of sedation for them to choose from. The kind of dental sedation used depends on the patient’s need and dental procedure. Here is a list of some common sedation types:


Minimal sedation (anxiolysis)

Minimal sedation is an oral sedative that helps a dental patient feel relaxed. This kind of sedation does not impair ventilation on cardiovascular functions, but it may impair cognitive function and coordination. 


Nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a gas that helps reduce a patient’s pain and anxiety during dental treatments. This kind of sedation does not cause patients to fall asleep. Patients will still be able to hear and respond to any requests. 


IV sedation

IV sedation is a form of conscious sedation that helps patients relax and not feel pain during a procedure. It does not put the patient fully asleep, but it will make them unaware of their surroundings. This kind of sedation is administered through a vein.

The benefits of dental sedation 

Dental sedation does not just help dental professionals perform procedures but also benefits the patient. Here are some benefits that your patient can experience from using dental sedation: 


Ease anxiety

Whether it is getting a dental crown or regular cleaning, some patients experience dental anxiety. This can cause them to avoid making regular appointments or getting important procedures done. Reports found that one-third of Americans will avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety or fear. Your patients should know that dental sedation, like minimal sedation, can help them ease their nerves. 


Pain relief 

One of the most common fears for people with dental anxiety is feeling pain. Patients need to understand that dental sedation can help them feel no pain. When under dental sedation, they will not feel pain because their brain will not be able to register it. Dental sedation can be administered by a sedation dentistry Omaha NE professional for dental cleanings to dental crowns. 


Minimize gag reflexes

If your patient avoids dentist appointments because of their gag reflexes, talk to them about dental sedation. There are dental patients who can feel nauseous with certain dental procedures that can cause them to start choking. Let them know that minimal sedation is available to help them relax and prevent them from feeling nauseous. 

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