Here are some common reason why people neglect their dental care. 

Why do dental patients neglect their dental care?

Why do dental patients neglect their dental care?


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May 05,2021

Humans have two sets of teeth. Once those two sets are gone, they are gone. The best way to protect those teeth is with dental care. 

As a dentist, you want to help your dental patients learn how to take care of their teeth and oral health. 

One way to help them is by finding out what is causing them to neglect their dental care. Our sedation dentistry Omaha NE team wants to share some common reasons why dental patients ignore their dental health. 

Why is dental care important? 

It does not matter what age a patient is. Dental care is necessary to keep a smile healthy. If a patient is neglecting their dental health, they could run the risk of developing dental issues. Poor dental hygiene can cause cavities and gum disease

Not only does dental care impact a patient’s mouth but also their overall health. Patients who have poor dental hygiene have an increased risk of developing dementia, heart disease, diabetes, some types of cancer and kidney disease

Reasons why patients neglect dental care

Lack of a dental routine

One of the common reasons people neglect their dental care is that they do not have a dental care routine. This causes them never to make time for taking care of their teeth. They might skip out on brushing their teeth and flossing daily. 

Establishing a dental routine does not happen overnight. It takes time for the person to establish the habit. An excellent place to start is by telling your dental patients to brush their teeth twice a day and get their flossing in



Some people neglect their dental health due to the cost of dentist visits. Some patients do not have the resources to see a dentist for regular cleanings and dental treatments. PBS reports that over 100 million Americans do not see a dentist because of the cost. 

Regular dental visits are important because they help remove plaque or tartar buildup. X-rays may also be taken to look for any teeth problems. Plus, a dentist will check the teeth and even look for signs of oral cancer


Embarrassed of their teeth

Believe it or not but not everyone loves to smile. The American Dental Association found that 35 percent of people are embarrassed by their oral health. This embarrassment often causes people to not smile and not see a dentist regularly. 

Dentists can help dental patients feel more confident by listening to their concerns. Let them explain to you why they might feel embarrassed. This will help you create a treatment that meets their needs and concerns. It is always a good idea to let a patient know you are there to help them, and you will not judge them. 


Dental anxiety 

Everyone can feel a little anxious before a dental appointment. However, for some people that anxiety and fear is so great that they avoid going to the dentist all together. This can cause them to avoid making regular check-ups or follow up with treatments. 

Some people develop dental anxiety after a traumatic experience or they have a fear of feeling pain. Whatever the reason, tell your dental patients that they can ease their anxiety with minimal sedation. This kind of sedation is administered through an oral sedative that helps them relax.

In order to administer minimal sedation, you need to make sure you have completed your minimal sedation recertification through a sedation dentistry Omaha NE course. 

Need a sedation dentistry Omaha NE organization? 

Contact Midwest Sedation Consultants. We provide minimal sedation recertification courses for dentists in Nebraska. Our courses are offered online and approved by the Board of Dentistry. Register to one of our courses here.