Here is a reminder of why skipping out dentist visits is a bad idea.

Why you should not skip out on regular dental visits

Why you should not skip out on regular dental visits


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October 13,2021

A healthy smile is a happy smile. The key to maintaining a healthy mouth is developing dental hygiene habits. It means you brush and floss every day and see a dentist regularly. For some people, seeing a dentist is harder due to inaccessibility or dental fear. 

It is estimated that nine to 15 percent of the population are scared of going to the dentist. However, skipping out on seeing a dentist might end up causing you more dental problems. Here is a reminder of why skipping out dentist visits is a bad idea and how sedation dentistry for adults can help.

What to expect during a dental exam

One way to make dentist exams a tad easier is by knowing beforehand what to expect. Dentist visits usually consist of two parts. The first part is when a dental hygienist will take x-rays. Once the x-rays are done, the hygienist will clean the teeth to remove any built-up plaque or tartar. 

The second part consists of getting the mouth examined by the dentist. During this part, the dentist will check to see if there are changes in a patient’s oral health. If there is a cavity or oral problem, they will recommend a follow-up treatment.

How often should dental exams be done

One question that many people ask is how often you should visit your dentist? Dental professionals recommend you see a dentist twice a year, every six months. However, everyone’s oral health is different. 

Some people might have dental problems that require more frequent care. Do not forget that dental emergencies can also occur and might require more dental attention right away. 

Benefits of regular dental visits 

Uncover and fix dental problems

Some oral problems can go unnoticed without the help of a dentist. For example, gum disease is known as the silent killer. This disease can cause tooth loss for adults and even be linked to medical conditions like heart disease. Seeing a dentist regularly can help you identify any dental problems and get treatment for them. These treatments can range from a few visits to yearly visits. 


Oral cancer screenings 

Oral cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the mouth. It is estimated that more than 54,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2021. The good news is that a dentist can help detect this cancer early on with oral cancer screenings. These screenings are performed regularly by dentists during dental exams and cleanings. 


Prevents bad breath 

Bad breath can be embarrassing. Sometimes mouthwash, mints and brushing the teeth are not enough to remove the foul odor. Seeing a dentist can help find the source of bad breath and provide a treatment plan. The causes of bad breath include gum disease, dry mouth or systemic diseases. 

Try sedation dentistry for adults! 

If you are a dental patient who’s anxious or scared of going to the dentist, ask your dentist about minimal sedation. This kind of sedation helps relieve anxiety through the use of prescribed medication. If you are a dental professional who is looking to get their minimal sedation recertification, register for one of our courses